Guidance for Category I and II certification course for vibration analyst in machine condition monitoring and diagnostic in Malaysia (2018)

JSME vibration analyst certification I & II courses, which consists of the seminar, hands-on practical training, and final examination is now open for registration. The purposes of courses are for the standardization of the technical level of vibration analyst in the field of machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics worldwide and in accordance with ISO 18436-2. These courses are certified by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME).

Training Courses For Machinery Condition Analyst (Vibration)

Training Courses For Machinery Condition Analyst (Vibration)

The certification process required that the candidate to present the relevant evidence of their education, training and the actual field experience in vibration analysis for machine condition monitoring and diagnostics.

Shinkawa Sensor Technology Inc. in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is a qualified training body for the certification of Vibration Analyst Category I & II under JSME in accordance with ISO 18436-2.

SHINKAWA Sensor Technology in collaboration with UTM

As a maker for vibration monitoring system and sensors, Shinkawa Sensor Technology Inc. in collaboration with UTM is inspired to become a key provider for vibration certification programs under the JSME in South East Asia region. Shinkawa Sensor Technology is the only company that registered under the JSME that qualified to provide vibration analyst certification training from Category I to IV (Currently, category I & II are ready to hold in Malaysia).

Our Advantages

1. Support the procedure of the preparation related to the registration of the certification examination.
2. Fulfilling exercise prepared.
3. The certification test complying in accordance with ISO 18436-2 is done at the same place as the training on the following day of the seminar.
Seminar-Flow4. Even if failing the examination without any expectations, the following supports are provided.

    • Exempt the same category training fee once paid. Candidates can try the exam up to two times. However, the fee for meals, lodging and travelling fee shall be paid.

Seminar Information

Due date for registration is 7th September 2018

Category I 16th Oct 2018 to 20th Oct 2018 Registration Form
Category II 15th Oct 2018 to 20th Oct 2018 Registration Form

After filled in the online registration form, please download and complete the following forms in hard copy:

These three original forms must arrive at SHINKAWA Electric of Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. at No. 6, Jalan 9/23E, Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603-4148 1722 attention to Mr. Tomoda no later than 8th September 2017.


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur


Prof. Ir. Dr. Salman Leong, Ir. Dr. Lim Meng Hee and Ir. Dr. Jawaid Iqbal Inayat-Hussain


Certification of Completion of Course

Certification of completion of the course will be given to qualified candidates for both category I and II at the end of the courses. Candidates will be eligible to seat for the actual certification examination if he/she had scored 70% or more in the trial examination.

The Certification conducted by JSME
Actual certification examination will be held on the following day after the trial examination. It will be conducted by JSME at UTM examination nation hall. Candidates are only qualified to apply as certified vibration analyst Category I and II if he/she had scored 70% or more in the actual examination. The duration of getting actual certification shall be about 3 months on the date of application submission.


Textbook category I and II
Machine Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics in Accordance with ISO 18436-2 Standards (by Prof. Mohd Salman Leong, Dr. Lim Meng Hee)

Seminar Contents (Requirements)

  • Chapter 1 Principles of vibration
  • Chapter 2 Data acquisition
  • Chapter 3 Signal processing
  • Chapter 4 Condition monitoring
  • Chapter 5 Vibration fault analysis
  • Chapter 6 Corrective action
  • Chapter 7 Knowledge of equipment
  • Chapter 8 Vibration acceptance testing
  • Chapter 9 Vibration testing and measurement
  • Chapter 10 Reference standards
  • Chapter 11 Reporting and documentation
  • Chapter 12 Fault severity determination

Note: The contents of Category I is up to Chapter 8.

Maximum number of Candidates per training session is 50 peoples

Registration is based on first-come, first-served basis.

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