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No. Name of Academic Staff Title of Publication
1 Azlan Adnan, Meldi Suhatril, and Ismail M. Taib The Mechanical Properties of High Strength Concrete for Box Girder Bridge Deck in Malaysia
2 Sherliza Zaini, Sumio Sawada, Azlan Adnan, Hiroyuki Goto An Investigation of the Attenuation Characteristics of Distant Ground Motions in Peninsular Malaysia by Comparing Values of Recorded with Estimated PGA and PGV
3 Shuib Husin, D.Mba and R.I. Raja Hamzah. Viability of The Application of Acoustic Emission (AE) Technology for The Process and Management of Maintenance in Industries: Defect Detection, Online Condition Monitoring, Diagnostic and Prognostic Tools
4 Adnan, A, Hendriyawan, Marto, A, and Irsyam, M. Development of Attenuation Relationship for Far Field Earthquakes Caused by Dip Slip Mechanism for the Application of Sumatran Earthquake Effects to the Peninsular Malaysia
5 Husin, S., Hamzah, R.I.R. Benefits and capabilities of AE technology: Defect detection, on-line and condition monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic tools for the process and management of
maintenance in industries
6 Bakhary,N. Statistical Vibration Based Damage Identification Using Artificial Neural Network
7 Norhisham Bakhary, Hong Hao, Andrew J. Deeks Structure Damage Detection Using Neural Network with Multi-Stage Substructuring
8 Norhisham Bakhary, Hong Hao, Andrew J. Deeks Substructuring Technique for Damage Detection Using Statistical Multi-stage Artificial Neural Network
9 Mohamad, H., Bennett, P. J., Soga K., Mair, R J and Bowers, K Behaviour of an old masonry tunnel due to tunnelling induced ground settlement
10 M. Salman Leong , Lim Meng Hee Improved blade fault diagnosis using discrete Blade Passing Energy Packet and rotor dynamics wavelet analysis
11 R. A. Rahman1 and A. H. Nezhadi1 Dynamic response of functionally graded conical shell under impulse loads
12 Kurdi, O., Rahman, R.A. Finite element analysis of road roughness effect on stress distribution of heavy duty truck chassis

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No. Name of Academic Staff Title of Publication
1 Meldi Suhatril, Azlan Adnan,Ismail Mohd Taib and Ali Karbakhsh “The Comparison of Soil-Pile Interaction and Fixed Base Support for Integral Prestressed Concrete Box-girder Bridge under Low Intensity Earthquake”
2 Vafaei M., Adnan, A Seismic Damage Detection Using Pushover Analysis
3 Farsangi, E.N, and Adnan A. Dam Safety Control by Using Artificial Intelligence and Non-linear FEA (Case Study: Bakun Dam)
4 Adnan, A, Tiong, P.L.Y., Sunaryati, J., Zulkifli, M.Z.M., and Malek, K.A. Tiong, P.L.Y., Adnan, A., Mirasa, A.K., and Rahman, A.B.A
5 Tiong, P.L.Y., Adnan, A., Mirasa, A.K., and Rahman, A.B.A “Performance of IBS Precast Concrete Beam-Column Connections Under Earthquake Effects.”
6 Baharudin, N.H, Kasa, A, Chik, Z, Adnan, A, and Taha, M.R Preparation of Residual Soil Samples by using Modified Method
7 Adnan, A. Hendriyawan, Masyhur Adnan New Seismic Hazard Map of Peninsular Malaysia Using Next Generation Attenuations
8 Pakharuddin Mohd Samin, Hishamuddin Jamaluddin, Roslan Abd Rahman, Saiful Anuar Abu Bakar Semi-active suspention control to improve ride and handling using magnetorheological (MR) damper
9 Rosli Saad, Nordiana Mohd Muztaza, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad The 2D The 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Study for Civil and Geotechnical Engineering Purposes
10 A.A Mutalib & Norhisham Bakhary Emperical formulate to Predict Pressure and Impulsive Asymptotes For P-I Diagram of RC Columns Strenghten With FRP
11 Tong Khoon Hong, Norhisham Bakhary, Azrul Mutalib, Rosli Anang Vibration-based Damage Detection using Modal Data – An E Perimental Verification
12 Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Rosli Saad, Seyed Vahid Alavi Nezhad Khaili Abad Durability Assessment of Weak Rock by Using Jar Slaking Test
13 Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Seyed Vahid Alavi Nezhad Khaili Abad, Rosli Saad Challenges of Excavation by Ripping Works in Weathered Sedimentary Zone
14 Rosli Saad, M. Mokhtar Saidin, Nordiana Mohd Muztaza, Nur Azwin Ismail, Noer El Hidayah Ismail, Andy Anderson Bery, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad Subsurface Study Using 2-D Resistivity Imaging Method for Meteorite Impact at Bukit Bunuh, Perak
15 Goh Lyn Dee, Norhisham Bakhary, Azlan Abdul Rahman, Baderul Hisham Ahmad A Comparison of Artificial Neural Network Learning Algorithms for Vibration-Based Damage Detection
16 Nadia Hajihasani, Norhisham Bakhary Detection of Concrete Spalling using changes in modal flexibility
17 Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Seyed Vahid Alavi Nezhad Khaili Abad Assessment on Blasting-Induced Rock Slope Instability At Johor, Malaysia
18 Eshagh Namazi, Hisham Mohamad, Mohammad Ehsan Jorat, Mohsen Hajihassani Investigation on The Effects of Twin Tunnel Excavations Beneath a Road Underpass
19 Edy Tonnizam Mohamad,Badee Abdulqawi Alshameri, Khairul Anuar Kassim, Rosli Saad. Shear Strength Behaviour for Older Alluvium Under Different Moisture Content
20 Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Mohamed Fauzi Md Isa, Mohd For Mohd Amin, Ibrahim Komoo, Nurly Gofar Effect of Moisture Content on the Strength of Various Weathering Grades of Granite
21 Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Mohamed Zahry Othman, Siti Sarah Adnan, Nurly Gofar, Rosli Saad The Effectiveness of Electrode Types on Electro-Osmosis of Malaysian Soil
22 Seyed Vahid Alavi Nezhad Khaili Abad, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Hossein Jahanmirinezhad, Mohsen Hajihassani, Eshagh Namazi Zonation of Landslide Hazards Based on Weights of Evidence Modeling Along Tehran-Chalos Road Path, Iran
23 Bakar, S.A.A., Jamaluddin, H., Rahman, R.A., Samin, P.M., Masuda, R., Hashimoto, H., Inaba, T. Fuzzy semi-active damping force estimator (fSADE) and skyhook semi-active suspension systems
24 Bakar, S.A.A., Masuda, R., Hashimoto, H., Inaba, T., Jamaluddin, H., Rahman, R.Abd., Samin, P.Mohd. Ride comfort evaluations on electric vehicle conversion and improvement using Magnetorheological semi active suspension system
25 Bakar, S.A.A., Jamaluddin, H., Rahman, R.A., Samin, P.M., Masuda, R., Hashimoto, H., Inaba, T. Modelling of magnetorheological semi-active suspension system controlled by semi-active damping force estimator
26 Gohari, M., Rahman, R.A.,, Tahmasebi, M. Design and Simulation of a Passive Vertical Suspension System for Spray Boom Structure
27 Nor Hafidzi, M. , Kueh, A.B.H. , Rasin, N. , Mohd Yassin, A.Y. , Mohamad, H. Size dependent uniaxially loaded stability of triaxial weave fabric composites
28 Khari, M., Kassim, K.A.B., Adnan, A.B. The influence of effective confining pressure on site response analyses
29 Ismail, R., Adnan, A., Ibrahim, A. Vulnerability of public buildings in Sabah subjected to earthquake by finite element modelling
30 Amirhossein Nezhadi, 1Roslan Abdul Rahman and 1Amran Ayob Transient Analysis of Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shell Under
Impulse Local Loads

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No. Name of Academic Staff Title of Publication
1 Mohammadreza Vafaeia & Azlan bin Adnan Seismic Damage Detection of Tall Airport Traffic Control Towers Using Wavelet Analysis
2 Azlan Adnan, Rozana Zakaria, Choo Kok Wah, Abd. Latif B. Saleh, Khairulzan B. Yahya, Mushairry Mustaffar, and Md. Rajuna Ahmad Shakri Decision Making Framework for Earthquake Resistant Building
3 Khari, M. , Kassim, K.A. , Adnan, A. The Effects of Soil Model on Site Response Analyses
4 Yadollahi, M., Adnan, A., Zin, R. Seismic Vulnerability Functional Method for Rapid Visual Screening of Existing Buildings
5 Ehsan Noroozinejad Farsangi, Azlan Adnan Seismic Performance Evaluation of Various Passive Damping Systems in High and Medium-Rise Buildings with Hybrid Structural System
6 Azlan Adnan, Patrick Liq Yee Tiong, Yue Eng Chow Usability of the Next Generation Attenuation Equations for Seismic Hazard Assessment in Malaysia
7 Mardiyono Mardiyono, Reni Suryanita, Azlan Adnan Intelligent Monitoring System on Prediction of Building Damage Index using Artificial Neural Network
8 Azlan Adnan, Patrick Liq Yee Tiong SEER-IPLAT: The Isolated Platform for Seismic Mitigation
9 Behrouz Gordan, Azlan Bin Adnan Effect of Material Property in Foundation during Earthquake on the Embankment
10 Behrouz Gordan, Azlan Bin Adnan Effect Of Poisson’s Ratio Of Core Clay On Dynamic Settlement Of The Earth Dams
11 M. Salman Leong, Lim Meng Hee, and Guai Yeu Kae Turbine Generator Synchronization – Two Case Studies
12 Andy A. Bery, Rosli Saad, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Mark Jinmin, I.N. Azwin, Norsalkini Mohd Akip Tan, M.M. Nordiana Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization Data Correlation with Conductivity for Iron Ore Exploration
13 Eshagh Namazi, Hisham Mohamad Potential Damage Assessment in Buildings Undergoing Tilt
14 Namazi, E.a, Mohamad, H.b Assessment of building damage induced by excavation using plate analogy
15 Namazi, E.a , Mohamad, H.a , Hong, A.K.B.b , Hajihassani, M.a , Jusoh, S.N.a , Abad, S.V.A.N.K.a Ground behaviour around a tunnel using various soil models
16 Mohamad, E.T., Armaghani, D.J., Noorani, S.A., Saad, R. , Abad, S.V.A.N.K. Prediction of Flyrock in Boulder Blasting by Using Artificial Neural Network
17 Mohamad, E.T., Noorani, S.A., Armaghani, D.J., Saad, R. Simulation of Blasting Induced Ground Vibration by Using Artificial Neural Network
18 Saad, R.a , Nawawi, M.N.M.b , Mohamad, E.T.c Groundwater detection in alluvium using 2-D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)
19 Mohamad, E.T.a , Saad, R.b , Hamzah, N.N.B.c, Tan, S.N.M.A.c , Liang, M.c Assessment on abrasiveness of rock material on the wear and tear of drilling tool
20 Amirhossein Nezhadi*, Roslan Abdul Rahman , Amran Ayob Comparison of Two Kinds of Functionally Graded Conical Shells with Various Gradient Index for Vibration Analysis
21 Kurdi, O., Rahman, R.A., Tamin, M.N. Finite Element Analysis Of Corroded Truck Chassis Using Sub Modeling Technique
22 Mohamad, H., Soga K., Bennett, P.J., Mair, R.J., Lim, C.S. Monitoring Twin Tunnel Interactions Using Distributed Optical Fiber Strain Measurements
23 Mohammad Gohari, Roslan Abd Rahman, Raja Ishak Raja Hamzah Noval Artificial Neural Network bioDynamic Model for Prediction Seated Human Body Head Acceleration in Vertical Direction.
24 Al-Obaidi, S.M.A., Leong, M.S., Hamzah, R.I.R., Abdelrhman, A.M. A review of acoustic emission technique for machinery condition monitoring: Defects detection & diagnostic
25 Abdelrhman, A.M., Leong, M.S., Saeed, S.A.M., Al-Obiadi, S.M.A. A review of vibration monitoring as a diagnostic tool for turbine blade faults
26 Hee, L.M., Leong, M.S. Experimental study of dynamic responses of casing deflection profile for blade rubbing classification
27 Bakar, S.A.A., Masuda, R., Hashimoto, H., Inaba, T., Jamaluddin, H., Rahman, R.Abd., Samin, P.Mohd. Ride comfort performance of electric vehicle conversion with active suspension system
28 Bakar, S.A.A., Masuda, R., Hashimoto, H., Inaba, T., Jamaluddin, H., Rahman, R.A., Samin, P.M. Active suspension system in improving ride and handling performance of electric vehicle conversion
29 Gohari, M., Rahman, R.A., Ishak Raja, R., Tahmasebi, M. Bus seat suspension modification for pregnant women
30 AL-Rahman, L.A., Raja, R.I., Rahman, R.A., Ibrahim, Z. Acoustic Properties of Innovative Material from Date Palm Fibre.
31 Raja Ishak Raja Hamzah Improvement on Supporting Learning Algorithm for Solving Problem in Immediate Decision Making
32 Ali Davoudinejad, Sina Alizadeh Ashrafi, Raja Ishak Raja Hamzah, Abdolkarim Niazi Experimental Analysis of Wear Mechanism and Tool Life in Dry Drilling of Al2024
33 Nezhadi, A., Rahman, R.A., Ayob, A., Fard, K.M. Free and forced vibrations of FGM conical shell under impulse loads
34 Khari,M, Kassim, A,K. and Adnan, A Piles Kinematic Bending Moment at the Layered Soils
35 Behrouz Gordan, Azlan Bin Adnan , Marjan Gordan A suitable selection of short embankment respected the static factor of safety
36 B.Gordan, A.B.Adnan Settlement during an Earthquake in the un Saturated Crest of Embankment on Soft Soil
37 Mohammadreza Vafaei, Azlan bin Adnan, Ahmad Baharuddin Abd. Rahman Real-time Seismic Damage Detection of Concrete Shear Walls Using Artificial Neural Networks
38 Meldi Suhatril, Azlan Adnan, Reza Mohd Vafaee, Patrick Tiong Liq Yee and Ali Karbakhsh The seismic performance comparison of integral bridge model by using finite element program and shaking table test
39 Lamyaa, Raja Ishak Raja Hamzah, Roslan Abdul Rahman Attenuation of Noise by Using Absorption Materials and Barrier: A Review
40 Tonnizam Mohamad, E. , Hajihassani, M. , Jahed Armaghani, D. , Marto, A. Simulation of blasting-induced air overpressure by means of Artificial Neural Networks
41 Wah, C.K., Zakaria, R., Adnan, A. Decision making framework for earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation
42 Adnan, A., Tiong, P.L.Y., Ismail, R., Shamsuddin, S.M. Artificial neural network application for predicting seismic damage index of buildings in Malaysia
43 M. Tahmasebi, R.A. Rahman, M. Mailah, M. Gohari Sprayer Boom Active Suspension Using Intelligent Active Force Control